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Why the Society Should Be for Wearing Uniforms

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Main Title: Why the Society Should Be For Wearing Uniforms
Emillye Edington
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Why Society Should Be For School Uniforms

There are many resources that suggest that uniforms should be worn nationwide not only in private schools, but public schools as well. If we take into consideration that it may help children to behave more effentily in school then school systems could be better as well. There are many reasons as to why it could make children behave better. Bullying in schools could be decreased, unity could increase, and parents could save money by purchasing uniforms.
Although bulling in schools is a worldwide epidemic that can create negative consequences, if the students wore uniforms we could minimize this horrific behavior. Students should not have to worry about if their clothes are good enough to please someone else’s expectations. According to Laura Clark, “Having a uniform helps to reduce bullying in school.
Students at schools without uniform codes were liable to be bullied for the way they dressed the study found.” Teenagers who took part in the Oxford Brookes University survey said dress codes acted as a social leveler and reduced the risk of children being picked on for wearing “weird” clothes. Maybe we can decrease bullying by having school uniforms for the dress code.
Having every student dress just alike would make everyone feel equal. As if they were all on the same team. No one would feel left out. It may al increase in respect, caring, and trust.
According to Leah Campbell, “Uniforms help to unite a school population and increase a sense of belonging among students. Just as team uniforms do the same in sporting, school uniforms help students to feel like part of a group, without needing to set...

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