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Why We Should Study Business?Including Its Success, Failure, History and Principels.

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Why we should study business?including its success,failure,history and principels.
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Why we should study Business:
The study of business will help us to increase our skills,sharpen our knowledge and understand the business and economic links among nations.There are some other reasons for which we study business:

1.Increasing dependence on others: Over the years,people have become more and more dependent on others.The knowledge of business is increasing the understanding of mutual dependence through business system.For example-you drive a car that is manufactured in Japan.
2. International opportunities: In the 21st century,it has become indispensable for every one especially individuals educated in business to take exiting opportunities that will exit around the world.By studing business they can know how to start,operate,and sustain business successfully in the competitive world.
3.Improving standard of living: Standard of living indicate measure of how well a person or family is doing in terms of satisfying needs and wants with goods and service.This is possible through their knowledge of we must study business to develop our standard of living.
4.preventing misconceptions: Understanding business also prevents us accepting misconceptions,misinformation,and inaccurate data as truths.
5.Creating employment: Business creates more and more employment opportunities in various industries and trades for skilled as well as unskilled wrokers.
6.Coping with change: As like as the world itself,business is also dynamic-always changing,coping with both predictable and unpredictable events we must have to study…...

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