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Why You Should Learn Spanish Before You Learn French?

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CSM 104 Research Essay

Why you should learn Spanish before you learn French?

Speaking a new language helps you to get to know another people and culture, as language and culture go hand in hand. Because language simultaneously is defined by the world around us, learning another language opens one's mind to new ideas and new ways of looking at the world. While most of us can't hope to learn the languages of more than one or two cultures other than that of our own, those that we can learn help us to learn how other people learn and think. In North American, most people choose French and Spanish as their second or third language. Many people believe that Spanish is actually more useful than French, and obviously the foreign language most spoken and studied--by far--in the North America is Spanish. Compare with French, Spanish can offer a wealth of literature of Latin language, both modern and traditional. For example, when you are reading a Latin American websites, you may find that you could gain a sense of how other people think and fee if you know Spanish.

As a matter of fact, both of the languages belong to the Latin group of languages. Hence, they show some similarities too. On the one hand, French is spoken by the country of France in the continent of Europe. On the other hand, Spanish is spoken in the country of Spain in the continent of Europe. However, French and Spanish are two languages that show enormous differences between them when it comes to the pronunciation of their words, word formation and the like. It is important to know that both French and Spanish belong to the family of languages called the Indo-European family of languages. The Indo-European family of languages is otherwise called as Indo-Germanic family of languages. Since, both French and Spanish belong to the same family they show a lot of similarities too among them apart from numerous differences in their syntax and semantics. Syntax is the study of sentence formation, whereas semantics is the study of the development of meanings. For example, Certain letters are not pronounced both in French and Spanish, so the letter such as‘s’ in ‘vous’ is not pronounced in both the languages. In other words‘s’ is silent.

The first reason of why you should learn Spanish before french is that there is a common believe among English speakers that Spanish is much easier to learn than French.In high school, more than 95% percent of American students chose Spanish in order to meet the foreign language requirement. In online artile Spanish vs. French, In an oline article, Elica(2014) suggest that “If you’re looking to start learning other romance languages after learning either Spanish or French, I would personally say that Spanish has more of an “easy access” to other languages. Spanish and Portuguese are extremely similar, and as I learn more about French, it’s harder for me to see similarities between Spanish and French.” Spanish is easy pronnunciation-wise. The grammar is also easier than French because its consistant. There are many less irregularities within the language.”

Secondly, Learning other languages: If you can learn Spanish, you'll have a head start in learning the other Latin-based languages such as French and Italian.
One thing I like about Spanish, is that it can be used to understand the other romance languages. Spanish and Italian are very similar, a Spanish speaker can read an Italian article and understand most of it just with the Spanish he knows. Spanish also helps greatly when learning French. According to one of my French classmate, if someone know one of them, he or she only need to learn the differences between the two to become conversational. Although, learning Spanish and French can also gives you a better understanding of English. Most of the vocabulary of English has Latin origins, which came to English by way of French. Since Spanish is also a Latin language, you will find as you study Spanish that you have a better understanding of English vocabulary. Similarly, Spanish, French and English share Indo-European roots, so their grammars are similar. There is perhaps no more effective way to learn English grammar than by studying the grammar of another language, for the study forces you to think about how your language is structured. It's not unusual, for example, to gain an understanding of English verbs' tenses and moods by learning how those verbs are used in Spanish.

Moreover, Spanish is the most popular second or third language: with more than 400 million speakers, it's the fourth most commonly spoken language in the world. An obvious reason to learn a new language is to be able to communicate with the people who speak it. This includes both the people you meet when traveling as well as people in your own community. Your trip to another country will be greatly enhanced in both ease of communication and friendliness if you speak the language. Apart from France, French is spoken in a few other countries in Europe and South America as well. It is spoken in countries such as Guyana and other South American countries. It is spoken in the West Indies too.

One of my Canadian friend claimed that “I know a lot of people who take the time to master French, despite the infuriating pronunciation. You'll only find a fraction of the opportunity to hear or read it here compared to Spanish, but thanks to the Quebec market it's still available--the majority of DVDs sold here with a foreign language track offer French--much more than Spanish--and a number of products give info in French as well. And it's still concidered a prime language here to learn for business, especially for companies selling to Canada or Europe”. To summarize, French can still be useful in the most part of Canada.

In conclusion, The obvious choice is Spanish, the next most widely spoken language in the world. By learning Spanish, you can communicate with another half a billion people. However, French still holds a strong second position as a second language choice.

Why Spanish? Why Study Spanish in the country it is spoken (Don Quijote S.L. 2002).

Spanish is Easier than French... Not! (Laura K. Lawless,2013). 1-2

Spanish vs. French?!( Elica / March 13, 2014).

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2012, Bordeaux-France.

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