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Read the attached case - 'Wicked' Then, provide your responses to the following questions in a MSWord or MSWorks document; you should upload your file through the link provided.

1.Identify and describe the elements of Wicked’s promotional mix.
Advertising - 1 element of the marketing mix that Wicked used was advertising and selling souvenirs. Once people were informed of the musical and those who were skeptical of the reviews still patroned the event and then bought souvenirs which made others buy and so forth.
Sales Promotion - By cutting the price of show tickets during the actual viewing tied up seats that would be purchased by others later went into a frenzy where there were no tickets or less than what was supposed to be made a impact on ticket sales and huge interests of the musical.
Public Relations and Cast being so friendly was a huge success as well.
The communication process - Wicked used the word-of-mouth communication. The shows core audience were teenage girls and Wicked had a big range of direct marketing, focusing their audience on a wide range of viewers from teenagers to grandparents.
Personal Selling – Special Ticket Sales, day-of-show raffle tickets from sold out venues gave viewers to either buy tickets and view again or helped others who want to see the show for the first time get great rates as well.

2.Describe how the AIDA process worked for various Wicked promotions. Which one do you think was most effective?

3.Did Wicked used a push or a pull promotions strategy? Explain.
Wicked used a “push” promotional strategy”, made use of the company's sales force and trade promotion activities to create consumer demand for ticket...

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