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• History: Wild Wood Apartments owns 20 different apartment complexes in Washington, Oregon, California, and Idaho. Each apartment complex contains anywhere from 10 to 60 separate apartments of varying sizes. Each manager is expected to send a report to the Wild Wood Apartments company headquarters in San Francisco every quarter. This report summarizes the occupancy rate, the total revenues in rent, the total expenses in maintenance and repairs, etc. Currently managers fill out a paper form and mail it back to headquarters.
• Scope: This report summarizes the occupancy rate, the total revenues in rent, the total expenses in maintenance and repairs. The company is proposing the development of a centralized database that the managers can use to track the daily business of their apartment building and to prepare their reports.
• Constraints: None
• Objectives: Create a database to assist in the apartment managers to keep track of records and create an accurate report to send to headquarters.
• Tasks and Timeline: o Gathering Data: Collect information needed for quarterly reports
 Time allotted: 1 week
 Deliverable: Gathered all data needed from coordinator o Analyzing Data: Collected data will be reviewed to create the appropriate database
 Time allotted: 2 weeks
 Deliverable: Mapped out plan of action given to the coordinator o Normalization: Organizing all data received, disposing of duplicated and unneeded data.
 Time allotted: 2 weeks
 Deliverable: Coordinator will be given normalized data o Building the Physical Database: Create centralized database for Wild Wood Apartments
 Time allotted: 1 month
 Deliverable: Database to test o Testing and Security: Add a description of task.
 Time allotted:
 Deliverable:

o Database Completion and Installation: Add a description of task.
 Time allotted:
 Deliverable:
• Total time

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