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Chapter 2 Solution Manual
* Review documents to discover relevant entities and attributes for database * Prepare interview questions and follow up * Prepare questionnaires * Observe work flow for process and exceptions
I. Gathering Information A. Initial Interviews with Chief Stakeholders B. Review of Business Documents C. Interviews with Stakeholders D. Questionnaires E. Job Shadowing
II. Review of Business Documents A. Reasons for Review B. Forms C. Reports D. Other Business Documents
III. Types of Databases A. Transaction Database B. Management Information Systems C. Business Intelligence Systems D. Cloud Databases
IV. Interviews with Stakeholders A. Preparing for the Interview B. Conducting the Interview C. Note Taking and Evaluating the Interview
V. Questionnaires A. When to Use Questionnaires B. Advantages and Disadvantages C. Comparison with Interviews
VI. Work Shadowing A. Reasons to Observe Stakeholders at Work B. Looking for Exceptions
VII. Documentation A. Business Documents B. Interview Questions and Answer Summaries C. Questionnaires and Summaries

Vocabulary 1. Closed-Ended Question | g. A multiple choice question | 2. Domain | o. The purpose or subject of a database | 3. Business Intelligence | g. A Set of tools for analyzing business trends | 4. Exception | j. An Alternate way of doing a process | 5. Form | b. A document for gathering input | 6. Transaction Database | m. A database optimized for storing and processing real time transactions | 7. Open-Ended Question8. Cloud Database | e. A question that has no set answerd. A database stored on Internet (cloud) servers | 9. Procedure | n. The official steps and rules for completing a process | 10.Data Mining | p. Combing data in a variety of formats for trends and patterns | 11. Report | c.…...

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