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Will a Longer School Year Help or Hurt Us Students

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Will Longer School Year Help or Hurt US Students In the article, “Will Longer School Year Help or Hurt US Students” by Julie Carr Smyth it questions whether or not having a longer school year would be beneficial to students. It highlights the option of continuing school all year long and adding three equal vacations in each third of the year, centered around holidays. I believe that this idea would be smart and that it should be put into place. The first reason why I believe that having a year round school schedule would be beneficial is because it would give the students less time to forget the material they had been studying the grade before. The article states, “Proponents argue that too much knowledge is lost while American kids wile away the summer months apart from their lessons” (Smyth n.p). It has even been tested that student’s test scores are high at the beginning of the school year opposed to at the end before school starts back up, and that only 10-15% of the student body did not lose any knowledge. That means that a whopping 85-90% of the student body did lose knowledge over the summer months. The second reason why a system like this would work is because it would give lower class children a chance to get free school lunches year-round. Smyth states, “Supporters also say a longer school year would give poor children more access to school-provided healthy meals” (Smyth n.p). During the school year some children’s most filling and healthiest meal is the meals they get at school, whether it be just lunch, or breakfast as well. If the school year ran during the summer months the students in situations like these would have access to these lunches and breakfasts, helping the families out financially and healthwise. The third reason why i would consider this plan to be good is that it would be easier for the children with parents who work full time during the summer months and would need to otherwise find child care for their children. Smyth adds, "Particularly where there are single parents or where both parents are working, they prefer to provide care for three weeks at a time rather than three months at a time" (Smyth n.p). She discusses how it would be much easier for a parent to find child care for the three weeks instead of the three months. Also the vacations that would be given in the school year would be based around holidays, which many jobs give days off for instead of summer where many jobs do not. I believe that this program would be great if put into use, however i do not think it is perfected and I have some suggestions for how it could be improved. I think that the h ours in a school day should be increased just enough that students could take fridays off of school and just go in Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I believe that this would give students a well needed break if they are going to be attending school during the summer months. Realizing that Fridays are a big work day for parents I believe that on those fridays a student should be able to take a bus into school where tutoring, extra help, extracurricular activities, sports, and enrichment programs would be held during the normal school hours. Based on the article we were given I believe that a year long school year would be advantageous although not socially the best pick by the students. A year long school year would aid help academically, financially, healthwise, and carewise for the students and their families. That is why in my own opinion I believe a year long school session would be the best option.

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