Will the Web Kill Colleges

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The argument presented in “Will the Web Kill Colleges?” discusses the changing of traditional colleges over online colleges by using the internet as the main source of contact and interaction. A few points are made in the article that stands out. Such as, there is an overwhelmingly high demand of cheaper college in today’s economy and that the internet is become a preferred method of completing a degree. The method in which redundancies can be removed is also discussed. As well as, how online colleges offer a varied range of classes, which satisfies learners choosing to go to school.
The key points of the points of the argument are as follows: “Online classes are simply cheaper to produce” (Chaffee, 2012, p. 91) and traditionally universities have depended on selling information that is difficult to find. College is expensive, so when attempting to choose a college or university, one of the top factors looked at is price. Due to the tough economic times, people may view the area of education as one in which they can cut back on spending and online education is an option that may be the way to go. For example, as cited in the article, “East Carolina University costs only $99 per credit hour; that’s a base of $1,200 per year” (Chaffee, 2012, p. 92). In contrast that is significantly different from the in-state tuition the University of Texas in Austin offers for regular in-class courses which currently totals $24,266 – 25,658 for one year.
With the internet, comes information that was once difficult to find, that is now accessible from the fingertips of people who seek to find various things. Various educational sites provide information that once could only be obtained in the classroom setting. “Students can already access videotaped lectures, full courses and free articles and openly available syllabi online—as well as books that can be searched and…...