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Will of a River

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The “Will of a River” by Alfredo Q. Gonzales, talks about the life of man on earth. The river is likened to a person’s life. Firstly, it shows that it is an undeniable fact that there are many trials, problems and difficulties that one encounters in life. Sometimes these circumstances are considered to be negative. There are many hindrances and obstacles that one faces in life. How are they dealt with? The person must have patience and endurance to hurdle testing’s and even adversaries in life. There are those who easily get dismayed and discouraged. They surrender or even retreat, but there are those who persevere and do not easily lose hope, like the river.

Secondly, it also speaks of determination to reach the goals of life. If we cannot overcome the obstacles, we can under come them as aptly expressed by the author. Have the optimism to reach your goal and possess an outlook in life not in pessimism but in hope. You have that optimism to reach your goal and your outlook in life must not be one in pessimism but of hope. When we experience hardships in life or when things get rough, we must not quit. Just stick to the fight.

One has to live his life faithfully and be a blessing to others. This is why the river exists. Without doubts this is the noble reason for our existence on earth. You are not just living for yourself but you live firstly for God and for other people, as well. The popular saying, “No man is an island” suggests that you cannot live alone but you need other people and they need you, too. Whatever you possess (talents, abilities, or it could even be riches) you have to share them toot her people. Be generous and not selfish. You may comfort others; help those who are in need and even be able to sacrifice for the sake of other people. This could be the meaning of life. If nature, like the river, which we consider devoid of feelings or...

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