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Sex appeals as a strategy in advertorials are becoming increasingly common techniques used to capture attention and create more favourable brand attitudes (Severn, Belch & Belch, 1990).

D&G is known to push sexual envelopes with their clothing or advertising campaigns. The above advertisement was to represent “an erotic dream; a sexual game" (Stefanson, 2010). This report analyses if the ad simply represents a sexual artistic interpretation, or if it exalts gang rape and violence and other ethical concerns.


The woman pinned down, seen in an abusive pose, depicts her control over men. Lying on her back with hips raised suggests she is confident and knows what she is doing. Women nowadays want to look attractive, empowered, strong and in control; as represented in the image. It can trigger purchase intentions.
Feminist women may see it as disturbing as the scene depicts gang rape, promoting violence against women and degrades women's dignity. The male seem dominant and in control. It sends out the ideology that men are superior, and women are subjected to men's will while being in a helpless position.

The men, dressed in comfortable clothing and jeans, give the impression that D&G’s style is casual, yet sexy and sophisticated. With the rise of metrosexuals (Dailymail, 2010), D&G’s style symbol will attract males to purchase.

The scene is a dream-like place with blue skies and white platforms, representing a fantasy setting where D&G could influence both young genders' dreams. It signifies beauty is power, and that D&G will enhance status, dominance and sex appeal.


It was first published on February 5th in the bestselling Italian newspaper and the March issue of a men's magazine, Esquire, in United States in 2007. It was also released globally via different mediums, from which D&G quickly withdrew when controversies sparked…...

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