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Willam T Sherman was one of the Union generals during a Civil War, known for his “total war” tactics. He began to knit the all-out war that was a prominent strategic theory in the time and carried it out. He secured the strategic town (Savannah) and supplies (the raw cotton which has been harvested) well for the northern part while destroying Georgia thoroughly and not only brought meaningless destruction - he destroyed it with a strategy in mind. On the other hand, he made war a more miserable one while the sweep round of each miserable Indian tribe after the Civil War was being included in the career as his officer, and proving the correctness of his military strategy theory.
William T Sherman wouldn’t take from army’s things because he used two groups of troops to take supplies from residents. They took supplies form civilians. No army could have carried along sufficient food and forage for a march of three hundred miles. The Union Forces lead by Sheman left Atlanta with food for 20 days with 62,000 soldiers and he was divided into the right and left farm team and go to the Savannah. Whenever there was it at an opportunity, during this march, the Sheman burned down a building and plunders necessary supplies such as the food. He reduced the morale of the Confederate Army.
If he fought in Europe, his requisitions from the local population would most likely have been met with strong opposition from magistrates or civil authorities. However, given the fact that during the Civil War country was sparsely settled he used it to his advantage in foraging – this is the main reason he could not use European tactics.
Undoubtedly, in some cases foraging went well beyond the assigned tasks. Even General himself admitted: “many acts of pillage, robbery and violence were committed by these parties of foragers; for I have since heard jewelry taken from women and plunder of articles that never reached commissary.” However, he claimed he never heard of any serious crimes committed, such as murder or rape, so he called all those over-the-top forage collections accidental. Again, referring to the fact that his army had to match three hundred miles, he calls foraging “necessary”.
In conclusion, William Tecumseh Sherman was an American soldier, businessman, educator and author. Some of his tactics and actions remain questionable to this day, however he is recognized and one of the brightest Civil War generals and post-war commanders.

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