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1. Why Windows server 2008 comes in different versions? What is the significance of each version?

• Windows server 2008 comes in different versions for different people different Business and different likes or dislikes for each Editions.
• The significance of each version is that it fits the needs for each Individual Person are Business, for example a Business with many Cluster would most likely use Windows HPC Server 2008.

2. What are the new features or enhancements made to Windows Server 2008? How is Windows Server 2008 different from Windows 2003?

• Technical, security, management and administrative features new to Windows Vista such as the rewritten networking stack (native IPv6, native wireless, speed and security improvements); improved image-based installation, deployment and recovery; improved diagnostics, monitoring, event logging and reporting tools; new security features such as Bit-Locker and ASLR; improved Windows Firewall with secure default configuration; .NET Framework 3.0 technologies, specifically Windows Communication Foundation, Microsoft Message Queuing and Windows Workflow Foundation; and the core kernel, memory and file system improvements. Processors and memory devices are modeled as Plug and Play devices, to allow hot-plugging of these devices.
• 2008 has self-healing NTFS file system 2003 do not, In 2003 session creation was a serial operation but with 2008 its parallel.2008 has a better Clean service shutdown.In WS2K8, that 20-second countdown has been replaced with a service that will keep applications given the signal all the time they need to shut down, as long as they continually signal back that they're indeed shutting down.
3. Why is 64-bit architecture an advantage?
• On 64-bit hardware with x86-64 architecture (AMD64), most 32-bit operating systems and applications can run without compatibility issues.…...