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Unit 3 Assignment 1: Video Summary 1

Windows 7 Review.
Windows 7 was released in 2009 and was the successor to Windows Vista. Is coming in different ways to install.
• DVD-ROM (one of the most common installation sources)
• Downloadable version
• USB Drive (Memory, hard drive, etc.)
There are 6 editions of Windows 7:
• Windows 7 Starter
• Windows 7 Home Basic
• Windows 7 Home Premium
• Windows 7 Ultimate
• Windows 7 Professional
• Windows 7 Enterprise

Windows 7 Starter
Is a basic version of the windows operating system that was really design for Netbooks that are very small portable computers. In this version we are not be able to see a DVD play back or Windows Media Center, because small computers doesn’t have a DVD-ROM. Also this version not include Windows Aero, no internet connection sharing, no IIS Web Server, no enterprise technologies.
This version is only available 32-bit version maximum of 2 GB of RAM.
Windows 7 Home Premium
This version is “The consumer edition” this is that is using in home computers.
This version includes:
• DVD play back
• Windows Aero
• Internet Connection Sharing
• IIS Web Server
• 64 version supports 16 GB of RAM and 2 physical processor

Windows 7 Ultimate
This version includes complete functionality.
• Domain support
• Remote desktop
• Enterprise technologies (bit locker)
• 64 version supports 192 GB of RAM
• Same features as Windows 7 Enterprise (But for the home user)

Windows 7 Professional
Same features as Home Premium but it enables the capability to connect to Windows Domain and be able to administer that device though active directory.
The 64-bit version of this version allowed us to use a lot more memory. We can use up to 192 gigabytes of RAM.

Windows 7 Enterprise
This version is using with a volume license. If someone is managing very large deployments of windows 7 this is...

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