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Wine in China 2013

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MarketLine Industry Profile

Wine in China
August 2013
Reference Code: 0099-0800

Publication Date: August 2013



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Market value
The Chinese wine market grew by 20.7% in 2012 to reach a value of $22.7 billion.

Market value forecast
In 2017, the Chinese wine market is forecast to have a value of $44.9 billion, an increase of 97.8% since 2012.

Market volume
The Chinese wine market grew by 18.6% in 2012 to reach a volume of 1,564.1 million liters.

Market volume forecast
In 2017, the Chinese wine market is forecast to have a volume of 2,909 million liters, an increase of 86% since 2012.

Category segmentation
Still wine is the largest segment of the wine market in China, accounting for 96% of the market's total value.

Geography segmentation
China accounts for 54.2% of the Asia-Pacific wine market value.

Market share
Yantai Changyu Group Company Limited is the leading player in the Chinese wine market, generating a 21.9% share of the market's volume.

Market rivalry
The Chinese market for wine is fairly fragmented with numerous players present.


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