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** What is the problem you want to address?
We want to propose and build a software application that will provide power source by means of wireless charging in our mobile phones and even with our tablets.
-What is the problem?
Inconvenience in charging our phones with those wired chargers.
-Why is it worth solving?
We are using our phones for the whole day and we cannot bring our mobile phone chargers anytime and anywhere. Easy access in charging these devices by means of wireless connection is indeed convenient.
-Why it is not yet solved?
Because of the difficulty in implementing this kind of approach; we are used to wired chargers.
-What is the context of your solution?
I saw this application on Google play (android market) and as I read the comments about this app; it says that it is not useful and some say it is a waste of time installing it. We want to develop this application to prove that it is possible to have a wireless charger by means of a software system. Installing it on your phones makes it possible for you to charge your device.
** How was the problem addressed in the past?
Because of the discovery of electromagnetic field that produces electromagnetic waves that releases electricity used in charging or lightning such device. Many device today is capable of wireless connection why not use it to charge our most used gadget; our phones.
-What are the important works in this area?
By this useful application, we can easily charge our phones and not worrying of an available place to charge it in a nearby power outlet.
-Strength and weaknesses of each work
The strengths are it will be convenient for users that even he/she is away from the outlet or didn’t have his/her charger in hand. And good thing about this app is that even you don’t have your internet connection by simply installing; you...

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