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Wireless Electricity

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Wireless Electricity
Devry University
Tech, Society, and Culture
February 24, 2013

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I. Wireless Electricity: Explanation and History 3 II. Political and Legal Influences 10 III. Economic Questions and Considerations 16 IV. Wireless Technology with Today’s Culture 20 V. Ethical Implications of Wireless Power 26 VI. Environmental Impact 30 VII. Bibliography 33

ABSTRACT: Wireless electricity is not a new idea, but it has recently become revitalized. This paper looks at the different facets of this invigorated technology. First, it talks about what wireless electricity is and the different approaches of producing it. The paper also talks about the history of wireless electricity and what social factors have motivated it to become invigorated. Next, the government involvement and political issues are talked about. Wireless electricity will also affect the economy so its economic impact is also a topic that is discussed. The psychological and sociological effects of wireless electricity will also be well-thought-out in the next section. The cultural background of this technology is studied and highlighted in American culture. Every technology needs to be examined in detail for its effect on the environment and wireless electricity is no different. The last section of this paper talks about the moral and ethical effects of wireless technology.

Wireless Electricity: Explanation and History

In the fast paced world of today, people's demands of their resources become greater with each passing moment. With the technology we employ for our constant “on the go” lifestyles, the need for a reliable source of “on the go” wireless electricity is as ever prevalent, and therefore the constant need to strive...

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