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Wireless Technologies Evaluation - Party Plates

Wireless Technologies Evaluation - Party Plates

Party Plates is a business like any other business. It needs to find more efficient ways to keep business running. With the world changing drastically every day, there is a need to too keep up with those changes. Wireless technology is a vital part of the world today, especially in the world of business. Going with wireless technology can help Party Plates keep moving in the fast lane. Although there are risks involved with switching a business to wireless, there are a vast number of benefits as well. Party Plates is looking to go wireless to help their business grow. Our team has been asked to review the risks and benefits of moving to wireless technology more closely to help party plates make the right choice.
The Incorporation of Wireless Technology into Party Plates There are four key advantages to incorporating wireless technology into our day-to-day activities of Party Plates: 1. Wireless technology increases efficiency of our sales and operations teams, allowing improved, faster communications and transfer of information between internal business units and the customers of Party Plates (IS4Profit UK SME/Small Business NewsLetter, 2010) (Rainer & Cegielski, 2011). 2. Wireless technology increases the time when our team is available. In a hard-wired, tethered environment, our team can only be open for communications when they are using a device that is hard wired to a network. There will be no need to carry cables or adapters when traveling (IS4Profit UK SME/Small Business NewsLetter, 2010) (Rainer & Cegielski, 2011). 3. Wireless technology will increase flexibility and mobility. Wireless technology allows sales and operations to make more efficient use of time, allows personnel to take use their...

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