“with the Use of Motivation Theory, Discuss How Caribbean Managers Can Enhance Motivation of Their Employees. Provide Relevant Examples to Illustrate Your Answer.”

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This essay uses motivation theory to explain how Caribbean managers can enhance motivation of their employees. Motivation has three levels of analysis; the individual, group and organization. It’s not only the managers or the organization’s responsibility to motivate their employees, they themselves should be intrinsically motivated to perform well on the job; but one key aspect of being a manager, is being able to accomplish tasks and subsequently the organization’s goals through the efforts of other people. It is generally accepted and proven that motivation is essential in organization but what exactly is motivation? Motivation, specifically in relation to organizational goals, is“the processes that account for an individual’s intensity, direction and persistence of effort toward attaining a goal”(Robbins and Judge: 204).To expound on this definition, it is a series of actions that causes an individual to persistently channel their efforts, with great devotion, in a direction that benefits the organization. For example, a motivated salesman will direct his efforts into meeting or surpassing his sales quota for the week or month, which in turn benefits the company. To understand motivational issues in a culturally diverse workforce, managers need to pay attention to both their people’s cultural values and the fundamental attitudes toward work (Hitt, Black and Porter 2012).
Vega-Rosada (2006) and Punnett (2001, 2006) in their respective studies suggest that the colonial heritage of the Caribbean has influenced management and leadership practices in a number of ways. Colonies were insubordinate positions and instructions came from the “colonial masters” (European powers); remnants of this leadership can be seen today in Caribbean countries, power is centralized and hierarchy is important. Therefore using the cultural values of the Caribbean can be beneficial in…...