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Within-Establishment Wage Inequality and Satisfaction Many authors have analyzed about the determinants of individuals subjective assessment of the utility which gained from their work of environment. Income comparison is important in determining workers job pay satisfaction. The job satisfaction is not only determined by wages only but also by relatives wages. There are two main reason, the first one is the workers preferences may depend directly on their salary relative to their own reference groups. So, the workers derive the well being from their social status and this model will come out a negative relation between well being and the inequality. Secondly indicates the workers may use others wages to help in their own future wage. The more workers earn, then the workers will more happy or satisfaction to their wages. So this model predict workers may appreciate inequality if the signals future potential career improvement. Model the individual utility from pay as a function of a workers own wage and the earnings of all other workers within same establishment, using employee data, and assume incomplete information about others wages and control establishment unobserved heterogeneity. The positive relationship exist between well being and inequality. Review the literature of the models of relative concerns where it will vary positively with the absolute wage level and negatively with the number of hours worked by neoclassical. Next will using empirical strategy to test the model of relative concerns. Describe the data and illustrates some descriptive statistics, main set of results and discusses the robustness of our findings. Comparison effects matter in determined utility from pay, social status more than the dislike of others having more. So, great within-establishment wage inequality implies on the average with high...

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