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Ashford University APA 6th Ed. Checklist for Student Papers
This checklist is designed as a guide to the key elements of APA 6th ed. style required for student papers at Ashford University (AU).
General ItemS Requirements | The entire document is double-spaced, from title page through references. | Margins are 1" on all sides and 12 pt Times New Roman font is required according to Ashford guidelines. | There are no bold, oversized, or decorative fonts used in the document. | "I", "we", "our" should only be used rarely in a research document. The writing needs to be objective and impersonal and in the third person unless otherwise stated in the assignment guidelines. It is also preferred that students not refer to themselves in the third person. | Numbers: * Always spell out a number in words if it begins a sentence. * Generally spell out the numbers one through ten in words. Use figures for numbers above ten unless they begin a sentence. |

Title Page Requirements | The title page should be in the following order: * Title * Your name * Course * Instructor * Date Submitted | Please note that Ashford University APA guidelines require title pages to include the course instructor's name and date. This requirement is specific to Ashford and is not included in the APA publication guidelines as outlined in the APA Publication Manual (6th edition). |
Running Header Requirements | All papers must include a Running Header. It needs to be left justified, and on the same line as the page number throughout the document. | The term "Running head: YOUR TITLE" appears on first page (Title Page) in the header. | The shortened title always appears in all capital letters in the header throughout the rest of the paper. |

Introduction Requirements | It is on page two of the document (the first page after the Title Page) and...

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...The Wizard of Oz- A Film Analysis ENG:225 Introduction to Film Professor Daniel Burrello April 20, 2015 The Wizard of Oz - A Film Analysis The 1920's and 30's marked the beginning of a new world for movie directors and audiences alike, prompting directors to challenge traditional American values and push the filming process to new boundaries. The early part of the 20th century was tainted with the Great Depression and the beginning of World War II, millions of Americans were losing their jobs, and security became a big concern for the people of the States. Although citizens struggled during these times, they remained hopeful as cinema became the drug of choice through the expensive use of color and sound to transfer audiences from reality to a fairy tale place. Director Victor Fleming's classic film, The Wizard of Oz (1939), gave the audience an 'identity', touching on social attitude and the way people play a powerful role in their own lives through escapism and symbolism throughout the film. In 1939, MGM director Victor Fleming, in collaboration with Harold Rosson as cinematographer, released the classic blockbuster fantasy film The Wizard of Oz, starring Judy Garland as young and innocent Dorothy Gale, a young girl from Kansas who is swept away during a tornado along with her dog Toto. During her adventure in the land of Oz she kills The Wicked Witch of the West played by Margaret Hamilton, and embarks on a journey to find the almighty and powerful Wizard played by...

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