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* Name of the company: G-Mart * Logo:

* Tagline: G as the Centre of the Market. * Vision:
To be the largest and leading retail company in Indonesia which is highly competitive in network, sales, and customer satisfaction. * Mission: 1. To satisfy customer needs and expectations by maintaining the quality and quantity of products. 2. To conduct a good ethical in business practices which maintain the good relation with stakeholders 3. To develop each staff’s professionality and skills in the company and society 4. Create a cozy place for the best essence of shopping 5. Develop the reliability, healthy, and growing organizational which also benefits to the surrounding * SWOT:

Strengths * Location of head office and store is strategic * Many branches are all over Indonesia, so it’s reachable for everyone * Most of our stores is opened 24hours * Price of the products is relatively cheap and affordable * G mart has a member card which is launched in 2010. The name is “Smart-G”. With that card, consumers will have a special discounts and promotions

Opportunities * The needs of daily goods and Indonesian’s people tend to have consumptive lifestyle * Technology which consumers can buy through online and G-Mart’s worker will deliver it to the that address * G-Mart has many social event as a part of their responsibility to the environment * G-Mart also provide online ticket booking: airplane and train. Also, we can buy the credit and pay the other invoices * The chance to do the franchise is open widely.

Weakness * Some of the areas still did not know yet G-Mart due to lack of promotion * The product that G-Mart is not completed and only sell the basic needs * Not following the trend...

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