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Business Analysis II MGT 521 October 10, 2011 Hoda Bagdady-Asal PhD
The following is a business analysis of the Apple Company. This analysis has been used to determine the financial health of the Apple Company through review of its financial statements. Also, I have included a summary of Apple’s technological advantages over other companies in the same industry, as well as, a benchmarking analysis also comparing Apple to other companies.

To invest in a company or not, its economic activities gives idea of the status in the market. Financial statement gives information of financial status of the company as well as its stability. Financial statement is an accounting report of the financial activities of a company base on the entrance and exists of money. Managers use financial statement of the company to evaluate performance of their employees, to prepare a budget of the company base on expectations, to make a decision that can modify operations in the company, for example, when Jobs came back to Apple in 1997 as a chief executive officer, base on the financial statements, closed plants, reduce number of employees, and sold stock to Rival Microsoft Corporation. His purpose was to obtain capital to inject to the company. Also manager uses financial statement for annual report of the company to stockholders. This financial statement is important for investors, lending companies, stockholders, for example evaluated the statement to decide if stockholders can sell or buy more stock. Financial statement is based in three important elements balance sheet statement, income statement cash flow statement.

One of the keys for the analysis of financial statement is balance sheet statement. The purpose of balance sheet is report the financial condition of an organization at determinate time,…...

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