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Wlp Assigment 2 Software Package Promotion

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Software package promotion

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Mr. John Andre (Lecturer)
Unit 14: Working with and leading people
ITP-Banking Academy, Hanoi
BTEC HND in Business (Finance)

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Prepared by
Tiamo group
Pham Duy- Shady- F03-041
Le Thi Minh Hang- Miley- F03-050
Hoang Tra Ly- Selena- F03-
Do Bao Ngoc- Tracy-F03-118
Hoang Hong Nhung- Ken – F03- 124
Ha Noi, 25/6/2012

Safety Chat is new instant messaging application in the world. It brings to the users private software from hackers so it focuses on the individual privacy. As marketing team members, reporters must evaluate the styles or impacts of leadership. Then analyze the works needed as well as development activities for each team member and showing how to empower the employees as well as setting suitable objectives to produce the best promotional activity plan.
3a. Evaluate theories and styles of leadership:
Leadership is the process of influencing others to work willingly towards goals, to the best of their capabilities, perhaps in a manner different to that which they would otherwise have chosen. (Education, 2004)
There are so many styles of leadership, according to Huneryager and Heckman, leadership has four different styles which are dictatorial style, autocratic style, democratic style and laisser-faire style (Education, 2012). In this assignment, the reporter chooses dictatorial style and democratic style for evaluating.
Dictatorial style is where the leader forces subordinates to work by threatening punishment and penalties. (Education, 2004) With a leader has dictatorial style, there is no opportunities for the employees to give their opinion or making decision. They need to do what the leader asks immediately. This style is suitable with who can work in high level of stress. The leader must be high level of self-motivation to succeed…...

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