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My Talking Angela Cheats, Tips & Hack for Diamonds & Coins
My Talking Angela is a free app game aimed at children created by Outfit7 Limited that allows your child to create a virtual pet kitten, which is aptly named Angela.
You can my My Talking Angela on both iOS and Android, although each different Operating System has different requirements needed to run the game. If you are going to play the game through Apple iOS, you will need iOS 6.0 or later. This game is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, and is 88.3 MB. The current version of this game is at 1.2, so it’s still a relatively new game out on the market. You can get the game in English but it also comes in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Ko, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish. If you want to play My Talking Angela on Android, then you will need Android version 4.0.3 or later and it takes 65 MB of room. This game is currently on version 1.2.1 and is rated for everyone, although it’s aimed at kids. Whether you are going with iOS or Android, there are quite a few in-app purchases you can make, which can add up to a lot of money if you don’t have access to that restricted from your children.

In-App Purchases
While on the subject of in-app purchases, it might be a very good idea to disable in-app purchases on this game. There are a lot of subtle persuasions within the game to try and get you to purchase extra items, such as diamonds, and some of this persuasion is directed right at the kids. You can purchase a pile of diamonds for $1.99, a bag of diamonds for $4.99, and it goes up to $99.99 for a trunk of diamonds. So as you can imagine, just one accidental click for a trunk of diamonds can really hurt your wallet. This is one of those games, while fun, is very sneaky at getting you to purchase in-app items, especially since the game is aimed at younger children.
My Talking Angela Hack for Diamonds & Coins – iOS & Android
As you raise your talking Angela in the game, you’ll find that you may need some diamonds to buy the items you want. Diamonds are available for purchase but most players would rather not spend their real money on a game. That’s why we’ve added the hack tool for My Talking Angela.
Using this hack will allow you to add an unlimited amount of diamonds and coins to your account and will also disable those annoying advertisements. The My Talking Angela hack is available for Android and iOS devices and is totally free to use. You can download the My Talking Angela hack right here at AppGameCheats.
After you download the hack onto your phone or tablet, you’ll be able to choose how many diamonds and coins you want to add. You’ll see an options menu like the one pictured here. Follow the instructions below to use the hack tool.

Once the hack has been downloaded and installed onto your mobile device, you need to choose which kind of device you are using – iOS or Android. This step is important to ensure that the hack works correctly. Next tap the “Connect” button to link the hack tool to your My Talking Angela account.
The hack is now ready to use. Type in the amount of diamonds and coins you wish to add to your account and then tap “Start Hack” to begin the hack. You can view the progress of the hack at the bottom of your screen, it usually takes about 20 seconds to finish.
Now just open your My Talking Angela app and you’ll see that the coins and diamonds have been added to your account. Enjoy playing My Talking Angela without having to worry about spending money on diamonds or being annoyed by advertisements!
My Talking Angela Cheats & Tips
The whole gist behind My Talking Angela is that you create a virtual pet named Angela, who starts out as a small kitten, and over time, you watch her grow up to be an adult cat. Angela isn’t a typical cat however, because she has qualities that make her human as well, also she stands up on two feet instead of four like a cat. You can dress up Angela in a variety of outfits and put her in the latest fashion trends and accessories, which is really neat because you can customize her based on your own personality and style. You will also be able to put makeup on her such as eyeshadow and mascara, so that she looks like she is ready for a night out on the town. You also brush her teeth and give her a bath, which makes her happy, and that earns you gold coins. You can use the coins to upgrade various items in the game, including clothes and even her home. When Angela is little, you can feed her with a baby bottle full of milk, then as she gets older she is able to eat more adult foods, which is just like the progression of any cat or person.

One of the really cool things is that you can choose the home Angela lives in and you can customize the home as well as the view from a variety of angles and locations within the town. There are a ton of stickers located throughout the game, which are all of Angela in a variety of outfits, poses, and stages of her life. You can collect these stickers and put them in a virtual photo album, then you can share those photos with your friends. It’s just like in real life how you would have a collection of photos of your pet and then because you are proud, choose to share them with people in your life. It’s not all just about customizing Angela either, you have a lot of different mini-games you can play throughout the experience as well. One of the best parts of this game is that there is so many different things you can do to make sure your Angela stands out from your friends or random people online. It’s also interesting because you can interact with Angela like a real pet, she has facial expressions and feelings, which all change depending on her mood or if she is hungry or tired. She also talks to you and tells you how she is feeling, and even repeats the things you say or do within the game, so it’s really like having a pet that has a lot of human qualities.
Review Of My Talking Angela
If you were around in the 1990’s when Tamagotchi pets were popular, then you will understand how this game is so fun and addictive. My Talking Angela is similar to the Tamagotchi game from back then because you are in control of this virtual pet from cradle to grave, it relies on you for baths and food, but also can play with you and become a very close friend. I loved this game because not only is it like you have a kitten that will progress into an adult cat, but you also feel like you have a friend because Angela is so human-like that you will often forget this is really a cat that is talking to you and expressing her feelings. This is one of those games that can really be educational for children because it teaches them about responsibility and taking care of an animal, even if it’s a virtual pet there are still a lot of similarities between raising the two. It can also teach your child about the progression of life as far as being a baby and then growing up to become an adult, as well as all the changes that come along with getting older, such as being able to wear makeup or more stylish clothing. I think this is also a game that is fun for adults because it’s just cute to watch this creature grow and become its own person thanks to what you do for it and how you take care of it. I liked how you could customize literally almost every aspect of this game, which is a good way to show your individuality and own personal style.

Gameplay: This game is very fun and there are a lot of mini-games you can do throughout the game, but it’s not graphically-intense, which is a good thing. Due to My Talking Angela not having that high of graphics, it’s really quick and does not glitch or have any errors associated with loading the various menu options in the game. The gameplay is smooth and everything transitions nicely, whether you are giving Angela a shower or feeding her, and the game never closes or has a forced shutdown. The mini-games and activities are very easy, since this game is aimed at kids, but you won’t find it boring, even as an adult. I give this game a solid 8/10 on gameplay just because of the smoothness and flawless ability to change screens and activities.
Music: The music in this game is very hip and modern, nothing vulgar or inappropriate, which is great if you have kids. You also have points in the game where you and Angela are talking to each other and she is repeating the things you say, so it’s not a game just full of music. When you play this game, you will be interested in hearing what comes next, especially when Angela gets old enough to talk to you and it’s like you are having a conversation with a real person. The music isn’t dumb or too childish either, so it’s a mix of Angela talking and bits and pieces of fun gaming music along the way. I give the music a 7/10 due to it not being childish or annoying, but it also is not a focal point and does not stand out, which is good.

Overall: My overall impression of this game is very good because as I was comparing it earlier, it’s like Tamagotchi but a lot better due to the evolution in technology and graphics. Angela is fun to hang out with and it’s very neat to know you created the type of person she is and the clothing she wears. Whether you are a kid or adult, this game will provide you with hours of fun because Angela is a joy to be around and she talks to you just like she was an old friend from back in the day. I really think this game is impressive and addicting, considering the lack of high-intensity graphics, simply because you can watch her grow up and turn into an adult cat with new aspirations and ambitions. The best part about this game is that you are in total control over Angela, from housing to clothing to food and everything in between. The mini-games will provide you with hours of fun and you will always be going back to try to beat your old scores, plus you can make friends along the way. I don’t know that a really small child would like this game, as I don’t know if they would understand the concept of giving her a bottle and raising her from kitten to cat, but any child over the age of 7 would have a blast with this game. I give this game 9/10 overall just because it’s really exciting to create your very own Angela and it does bring back nostalgia if you were a fan of the 1990’s Tamagotchi fad.
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