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Olubunmi Aderemi Sokefun

This paper discusses the document on women in Nigeria (National Policy on
Women). Several past administrations in this country have treated women
issues and affairs with calculated levity: Carefully side - tracking or
blatantly refusing to accord it the necessary attention. It is now a thing to
gladden the hearts of all women of Nigeria that, "after four attempts by four
former heads of Nigeria's Government," Chief Obasanjo's administration
finally granted government recognition to women's issues in this country.
The official document .on Human Rights' issues as it relates to Nigerian
women; this document is known as the NATIONAL POLICY ON
WOMEN. This paper therefore focuses on the document which promises to
bring delight to the heart of every woman in this country.

When late Mrs. Olufunmilayo Ransome Kuti joined the vanguard team as the only nationalist
and activist during the early struggle for Nigerian independence, hardly did .anybody realize then that
she had a dream, a clear vision of a future Nigerian woman, that vision was crystal clear in her heart,
and like a pivot, it stood firmly on three stand posts-known today as women's rights, women
emancipation and women empowerment.. .
Mrs. Olufunmilayo Ransome-Kuti later joined by some educated women of like minds,
fought daringly and relentlessly for these three .pivotal goals of women emergency and relevance in
the socio-political reckoning arena of this nation.
Unfortunately, their efforts did not seem to pay off, judging by the relative “denials" and
rebuffs their efforts often met with the male dominated government of the day.
Thus up to about two decades ago, Nigerian woman became relatively marginalized and subjected to
more than a fair share of male chauvinism in almost all spheres of human endeavour.…...