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Women and Engineering

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Women in the Engineering World
Engineering is a field dominated by men in today's society. When people think about engineering they think about men with glasses and never does a woman come to mind. However, there have been many studies on the skills that keep women out of engineering as a career yet there is no proof that women cannot or do not possess the skills needed to be a successful engineer. Therefore, it is thought and stereotyped that women do not have the skills to have an engineering career. Women are stereotyped as being dumb just because they are pretty, but many women have proven that stereotype wrong. These women who do have the skills to enter into the field face bias everyday in the field because they are women, not because they lack in the required skills. There have been organizations that spend their time encouraging women to enter into engineering. The Organizations and societies have become so strong and so persuasive that even the company that makes Barbie is coming out with a computer engineering Barbie to attract young girls into the field. The push from the organizations and the drive of the women for success has helped some women to make a breakthrough in the field. Those few women who have overcome many challenges and obstacles in the field have to prove themselves to be looked at with even the slightest bit of respect. These women who make a breakthrough are making huge impacts on the field and improving it tremendously. Women are important to engineering and many reasons and examples prove that statement to be correct.
There are plenty of reasons as to why women are not entering the field of engineering. One main reason that women are not pursuing engineering as a career is that their superiors are discouraging them, because they are women. Susan Jacoby says in her quote “This kind of decision, in which girls turn away from studies...

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