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Women Creating Film, in a Mans World

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Is this a new era for female filmmakers? Regrettably the numbers infer that is not so. An assessment of women’s employment on the top 250 films in 2012 and 1998 demonstrates that the percentages of women directors and editors have not changed. The proportion of women writers and producers has increased marginally. Women executive producers and cinematographers have declined. In 2012, women included 18% of all, executive producers, producers, directors, cinematographers, writers, and editors working on the top 250 domestic films. From 2011 there is no change and growth of 1 percentage point from 1998 (Martha M. Lauzen, 2013). Women creating film, statistics show that men predominantly run the film industry but recent studies show that women are starting to become a more important part of filmmaking; women are underrepresented but women like Kathryn Bigelow are changing the landscape of movie making.
In 2012, according to research by San Diego State University’s Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film, women directed just five percent of the 250 highest-grossing films Only nine percent of Hollywood directors in 2008 were women – that was the same figure recorded in 1998. Kathryn Bigelow was nominated for the best directing Oscar in March 2010, and it was only the fourth time a woman had been nominated, out of more than 400 director nominations (the other three were Lina Wertmüller in 1976, Jane Campion in 1993, and Sofia Coppola in 2003) ("Creating opportunities for," 2012). Her film The Hurt Locker won Best Picture, and Bigelow became the first woman to receive the directing Oscar.
Zero Dark Thirty, has already won critics' awards for best picture and direction. It will no doubt be an Oscar contender as well.

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