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“New York Women in Film & Television (NYWIFT) is a nonprofit membership organization for professional women in film, television and digital media. A champion of women’s rights, achievements and points of view in the film and television industry, NYWIFT is an educational forum for media professionals, and a network for the exchange of information and resources. NYWIFT brings together more than 2,000 professionals including EMMY and Academy Award winners, who work in all areas of the entertainment industry - above and below the line. It is a part of a network of 40 international women in film chapters, representing more than 10,000 members worldwide. NYWIFT produces over 50 innovative programs and special events annually; advocates for women in the industry; and, recognizes and encourages the contributions of women in the field.” So reads the mission statement on the NYWIFT website ( The fact that there is an entire organization dedicated to the success and inclusion of women in film, shows what a powerful movement is in motion. While learning about a woman’s role in filmmaking during this course, I have also learned that this is only a small portion of the movement that is appreciating women in film. During the first half of this semester, our class has examined several examples of women in film: The Women, Sense and Sensibility, Fried Green Tomatoes, Waiting to Exhale, Erin Brockovich, Calendar Girls, Little Women, and A League of Their Own. Most all of these films (with the exception of Waiting to Exhale) I have thoroughly enjoyed. They have not only enforced the fact that women deserve equality in all aspects of life, but most certainly do both behind and in front of the camera. Too often women are considered merely accessories their male counterparts, and these films hold a long history of females fighting for their right to be recognized for…...

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...Name: Course: Date: Film Essay Antonia's Line (Marleen Gorris 1995) This is a 1995 film revolves around Antonia who is the main character. It is a “feminist fairy tale” film. Antonio returns to her place of birth, a Dutch village and establishes a matriarchal community (Kooijman, pg 19). This film covers several themes including sex, intimacy, lesbianism, friendship, and love. It is after World War II that Antonia, a widow and her daughter, Danielle decide to travel back to their home town. Antonia’s mother dies just after their arrival. Farmer Bas opts to offer a marriage request to Antonia, but she turns it down. However, she develops a romance relationship with him. On the other hand, Danielle becomes an artist and later decides to have a child. She does not accept to have a husband (Kooijman pg 19). Therefore, Antonia takes Danielle to the city so that they find someone who will serve her. This leads to the birth of Therese, and she emerges to be extremely intelligent. Danielle later starts a lesbian relationship with Therese’s teacher as she fell in love with her at first sight. Pitte, a young man rapes Therese. Pitte had also raped her mentally ill sister, Deedee. Antonia curses Pitte because of raping Therese. This eventually leads him to his death whereby his younger brother drowns him in the water tank (Kooijman pg 20). Therese fails to find a partner with intelligence that matches hers. She decides to have a relationship with......

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Powerpoint a Man to present and analyze because, I thought the movie was absolute hilarious. The plot of the movie is based off a novel written by Steve Harvey Act Like a Lady, Think Like a man. The film was released on April 20, 2012. The plot of the movie attracted me to the movie along with the star studded cast. Culver City played host to the movie Think Like a Man. The head of production Glenn Gainor came up with the ideal to use Culver City so they could get the local politicians and shop owners involved. The producer Glenn Gainor thought it would be a great ideal to give the community of Culver City a chance to showcase what the city had to offer. When production of the film started Screen Gems considered filming in Georgia, because it offered a richer film tax credit than California. However the company decided to film locally in part, because it was able to save money filming so close to home. By filming close to home the company cut cost on parking and transportation. The producer got the chamber of commerce on board, the chamber of commerce help enlisted the local business willing to showcase their establishments in the film this resulted in a lower film permit fee for the company and the local business received some recognition as a result of their establishment appearing in the film. The producer’s motivation to shoot in Culver City was inspired by how movies use to be filmed. The producers wanted to capture a hometown modern day romance with this movie, and with......

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