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Women In Sports Media

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Sports broadcast journalism is a profession desired by many. It appears to be more competitive than ever before, especially as a profession for women. It looks like a glamorous career for women because they are traveling from one sporting event to another, meeting athletes, and reporting on the sideline during games. So, as we see an increase in women striving to become sports broadcast journalist, as well as the number of women seen and heard reporting sports, it is a challenge today as it was over a decade ago. The issue is whether or not women in sports media are afforded the same opportunities that include prominent positions, reporting male games as well as female games, benefits and salary based on their qualifications and
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Again, we see that a woman’s credibility about doing a reliable job being questioned. Why aren’t women in other positions of sports media? Why are so many women in sports media working as sideline reporters and studio host? Interesting are other issues that arise even for women in these positions that include appearance criticism and whether or not they are knowledgeable of the sports they are hosting or working. Even when it comes to the appearance of female sports casters there seems to be a double standard. Women in these positions are often portrayed as “useless” or as “sideline eye candy,” and are sometimes held to a higher standard that their male counterparts (Ebel). However, women must maintain an appearance of femininity and professionalism, they should appear attractive. They must also know what they are talking about and be able to have a conversation with their male colleagues about sports and be to express their perspective, stand their ground, and interview athletes in a confidant and assertive manner in order to be successful at their job. It appears that the expectation for women on television is to be attractive without being evocative. In a study by Grubb and Billiot,

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