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Women the Fighting Generations

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Women the Fighting Generations Women always say they feel very vulnerable, but yet they never do anything to change it. This is true but they feel they do not have the time, and/or money to take a class that benefits them. Ever since the women's movement in the 1918’s, the women in our society have took the initiative to better themselves; by getting better jobs, promoting to higher positions and little by little moving up in the congress to run for presidency. Women are also beginning to learn about self-defense and are self-reliance to better themselves. I believe the cultural shift of women becoming more aggressive and self-reliant is great because they are less vulnerable, independent and confident in themselves. Woman who take self-defense classes have been in the category of woman that are able to avoid attackers. Jeff Klein the writer of “Watching My Back” writes about an incident where Jeff and his girlfriend ran into a drunk man who tried to provoke them, but turns his attention else where. She tells Klein “I got you back”(82) joking, but yet feels a since of comfort by the notion that she does know self-defense and if ever needed she does not feel vulnerable. I honestly do believe women have the right to take any class that betters themselves. Not only do women feel vulnerable walking down the street, but many women down are assaulted even by just jogging around the neighborhood. In The Beaufort Tribune, one man at knifepoint took her into a wooded area and sexually assaulted her (1). Not only does this should encourage women to take self defense classes. The traumas women go through are not worth Feeling vulnerable is usually why women tend to be protective and tend to change how they view the society, but are becoming more independent. Women today are actually beginning to hold high in power jobs that usually in the past would be men in higher...

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