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Women Theft Cases in Naga City for Last Three Months of 2011

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Women Theft Cases in Naga City
Elaine France Z. De Quiroz* and AmanteAma
Engineering and Science Education Program
Camarines Sur National High School
Peñafrancia Ave., Naga City
*Corresponding Author:

Naga City is the “Heart of Bicol” and one of the first class independent component cities in the Philippines. Needed informations were gathered from the three different police stations in Naga City to observe the number of reported theft cases for the last three months of 2011 involving women suspects. After tabulating and contour mapping the datum, it was concluded that Barangay Dayangdang and Barangay Triangulo had the most number of the said case with a total of four reported cases covered by the given months.
Keyword: theft

1. Introduction

Naga City is stated as one of the first class independent component city in the Philippines. Being the commercial, financial, religious and cultural center of the Bicol region, Naga is the “Heart of Bicol”. [1]
Theft is the unauthorized taking of other person’s property with the suspect’s intention to permanently deprive the person with rightful possession of that property. Unlike other crimes, theft is committed without forcing the victim to give its property. The act of theft is also known as stealing, thieving and filching.[2]
Usually, women are the victims of crimes like robbery, theft, murder, rape and abuse. But in some cases, women are the main suspects like illegal recruiting, prostitution, larceny and fraud.
This study aims to observe the number of theft cases in each barangays in Naga City for the last three months of the year 2011 (October, November, December) involving women suspects. This study also aims to identify which Barangay in Naga City had the most number of female who committed theft.

2. Methodology

The researcher gathered the datum by asking for the needed informations from the three police stations in Naga City (Police Station 1- Arana Street, Police Station 2- Concepcion Pequeña, Police Station 3- Peñafrancia Avenue). This study covers all the types of theft cases like snatching, salisi, qualified theft, etc.

3. Results and Discussions

Needed datum gathered were tabulated, contour mapped and analyzed.

Table 1: Total number of theft cases reported in Naga City covered by the three given months

Barangays in Naga City Number of Reported Cases
Abella 1
Bagumbayan Norte 0
Bagumbayan Sur 1
Balatas 1
Calauag 0
Cararayan 0
Carolina 0
Concepcion Grande 1
Concepcion Pequeña 2
Dayangdang 4
Del Rosario 1
Dinaga 2
Igualdad 1
Lerma 1
Liboton 2
Mabolo 0
Pacol 0
Panicuason 0
Peñafrancia 2
Sabang 0
San Felipe 2
San Francisco 0
San Isidro 0
Santa Cruz 2
Tabuco 1
Tinago 3
Triangulo 4

Among the 27 barangays, Barangay Dayangdang and Barangay Triangulo have the most number of cases for the three months with a total of 4 reported cases each.

Figure 1: Map of Naga City

Figure 2: Contour mapping of the total number of theft cases reported in Naga City

It can be observed that the barangays with the most number of
4. Conclusion After the following datum were tabulated, graphed and contour mapped, the researcher concluded that for the months of October, November and December for 2011, Barangay Dayangdang and Triangulo have the most number of theft cases reported in Naga City involving women as main suspects. Both barangays have a total of four reported cases.

5. References


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