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Women's Business Center

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Women’s Business Center
Group Members:
Angelia Romero
Chancelor Lowe

Table of Contents

* * Cover Page Table of Contents…….pg 2 * Summary…….pg 4 * Center for Women’s Business Research Urges SBA to Revise Its Federal Contracting Plan for Women Business Owners…….pg 5 * Study reveals economic impact of Northeast Florida’s women business owners…….pg 8 * Supporting Women Entrepreneurs at Every Step…….pg 11 * Message from the Director…….pg 12 * Businesses Owned by Women of Color Growing Faster Than All U.S Firms…….pg 13

* Sponsorship Benefits…….pg 16 * DR. Sharon Hadary Discusses Changes for Women- Owned Firms…….pg 19 * Women Own 20% of $1 Million Plus Businesses…….pg 23 * New Numbers Show Women- Owned Firms Comprise Forty Percent of all Firms…….pg 27 * About Center for Women’s Business Research…….pg 27 * DR. Sharon Hadary Retiring from Center for Women’s Business Research…….pg 29 * The Research Team…….pg 30


The Women’s Business Center movement, and federal funding of many of those centers through the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), emerged in the mid-1990s as a means for assisting women in business formation, particularly those who were socially and economically disadvantaged. The Impact and Influence of Women’s Business Centers research study examines the social and economic impact of Women’s Business Centers throughout the United States and their effectiveness at assisting women entrepreneurs nationwide. This study reports on the activities of 52 centers across 33 states and the District of Columbia. Women’s Business Centers are succeeding in providing relevant programming and providing valuable entrepreneurial education and support, but they do so in a constrained financial and staffing resource environment. Women’s Business Centers serve an important role as unique...

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