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Wonder Woman Women Empowerment

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“Superman first bounded over tall buildings in 1938. Batman began lurking in the shadows in 1939. Wonder Woman landed in her invisible plane in 1941.” Wonder Woman was created in 1941 by American Psychologist William Moulton Marston making her first appearance on Star Comic’s #8. Wonder Woman is an Amazonian princess with a range of superpowers and battle skills. Her weapons include the lasso of truth, her tiara, and indestructible bracelets. Much of Marston’s inspiration for Wonder Woman’s character came from the women in his polyamorous relationship. She was the first female A-list character and later became a feminist icon. This is evident when your discover her one weakness that renders her completely powerless, which is having her bracelets bound together with chains by a man. This weakness can be applied to society and reflects women’s rights and men’s power over them. Her first appearance in the comics, was around the time of WWII when women were asked to join the workforce. Women were brought in to work which, they had never done in their life. When the soldiers returned, women were asked to return to attend to the home. Women have always been sought out to be inferior to men, and being deemed as powerless and unable to mount up to them. The reason Wonder Woman was created by Dr. Marston was to empower young girls and women to achieve what has been monopolized by men. Wonder Woman is what bridged 1910s and 1970s feminism together from the 1940s. As she has emerged throughout the years women today have found themselves relating to Wonder Woman in different aspects of their lives. By breaking through the gender barriers politically, economically, and emotionally, she represented the independent woman who was a strong individual who did did not need a male figure to stand behind.

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