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Golden Age Wonder Woman began in 1941 with the Amazon Princess Diana nursing American intelligence officer Steve Trevor back to health after he crashed on Themyscira Island. The Amazons decided that someone should go back to America with Steve to help with the battle in the outside world that was WWII. Wonder Woman won a contest which permitted her to leave Themyscira Island and head off to America with Steve Trevor. In America, Diana adopted the name "Diana Prince" and joined the army to help fight the Nazi's. Steve Trevor never knew that Diana Prince was also Princess Diana of Themyscira (kind of how Lois Lane never knew that Clark Kent was Superman). Soon after, she became secretary of the Justice Society of America reporting to Colonel Darnell of U.S. Military Intelligence. William Mouton Marston (creator of Wonder Woman) died in 1947 and Robert Kanigher became the new writer. He stayed pretty faithful to the original Wonder Woman scripts although there was considerably less attention given to Diana's Amazon background and the Greek Gods less frequently and more focus on her crime-fighting. The end of the Golden Age Wonder Woman came with the Comics Code Authority in 1954. From that point on (and for quite a while following), Wonder Woman’s character was no longer written as a strong, independent feminist. Instead they seemed to focus more on her love interests which included Merman and Birdman in addition to Steve Trevor.

The Silver Age (which by some accounts began when Comics Code Authority became effective in 1954) brought us the birth of an alternate world called "Earth 1" where many D.C. characters would live in a sort of Bizarro universe from that of the Golden Age. The Golden Age characters were living on "Earth 2". So now there were two identical, dualistic versions of Wonder Woman. The Golden Age Wonder Woman living on Earth 2 and the Silver Age Wonder Woman living on Earth 1. The Silver Age Wonder Woman went through some slight changes. Instead of continuing with the original storyline where she had gone through very intense Amazon training for her powers, her character was rewritten so that her powers had been bestowed upon her by the Greek Gods. It was in the Silver Age that we started to see stories of Diana's early childhood experiences and it is when we were introduced to Donna Troy (Wonder Girl). Donna Troy was an orphan who was saved from a burning building by Wonder Woman and brought back to Themyscira Island where she was raised and trained in the Amazon ways. She wore a costume very similar to Diana's and became a sort of side kick to Wonder Woman. Which brings us to the Bronze Age....

Toward the end of the 60's, Diana decided to give up her powers and become a mortal, rather than travel with the rest of the Amazons to another dimension. This is the beginning of the Bronze Age Wonder Woman and the beginning of Wonder Woman's character becoming more relevant. After losing her powers, Diana started training as a martial artist under I Ching and developed her character into a more modernized warrior. She opened a fashion boutique, wore a white suit and became more of a secret agent type crime fighter since losing her powers. Her missions became more political also. This is also when the editors decided to kill off Steve Trevor. The Bronze Age Wonder Woman was considered to be very popular with the feminists of that time because her heroism was that of a real woman rather than that of a powerful Goddess. But Gloria Steinem was really insulted that the powers were taken away from what she considered to be the strongest heroine in comic history. And so she wrote a brilliantly inspired essay that appeared in her very first publication of Ms magazine which featured a picture of the original Golden Age Wonder Woman on the cover. This article was probably more than partly responsible for the return of Wonder Woman's powers in 1973. The Bronze Age feminine feministic Wonder Woman is subject to much of the influence we saw in the television series during the 70's.

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