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1.What are the major business propositions for Woodmere and HomeHelp to consider in evaluating this proposal?
The major proposition for both of them to consider is would they both benefit from this challenge.
-For Woodmere it would be a unique opportunity for them to grow their business relationship with a company that is growing and evolving to gain a bigger % of the market with an exclusive distribution agreement. They only have a few rules to follow: keep costs low and service high, low overhead and EDLP strategy.
-For HomeHelp it is the opportunity to ally with Woodmere to create a time based logistics to improve product availability in stores while reducing overall inventory. By Allying with a furniture manufacturer we have the opportunity to create leading edge logistics strategies.
2. Is time-based logistics the right strategy for each company?
-Time based logistics offers both companies the opportunity to grow as a whole. With their initial investment being significant, but in the end would dramatically benefit both companies in a global environment, by having the ability to reduce inventory and safety stock, by synchronizing replenishment with demand. This would be with the understanding that there would be continual investment into the technology to keep up to date. As well as that there would be an initial time period that it would take to see the expected results.

3. What are the benefits and barriers (short- and long-term) to this proposal for both Woodmere and HomeHelp? What other factors need to be considered?

The short term benefit for Woodmere would be the opportunity for an exclusive agreement with HomeHelp. Short term barrier is getting management on board for jumping in an agreement with another company exclusively. (What back up plan do we have if this fails?)
The long term for Woodmere is the opportunity...

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