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Guerra suggests that both librarians and teachers alike “focus on building your library with additions of recently published, high-quality urban literature”. She also states that it is important for people in a position of power to take the time to read urban-focused literature in order to become acquainted with its authors and sub-genres. The most important thing a librarian or teacher can do is try to relate to their patrons and students. This helps build a solid foundation for learning. In a recent study conducted by the U.S. Department of Education and the National Institute of Literacy, about 14 percent of the United States population have no ability to read and a staggering 21 percent of the United States population reads at or below …show more content…
The general public are, of course, more than welcome in job-searching library programs; it is reported that those who drop out of high school are not eligible for 90% of jobs and commit 75% of the crimes in the United States. Some programs which may help job-seeking patrons are computer classes, resume building workshops, and on-sight interview programs. Many libraries, such as the Woodridge Public Library, host monthly job clubs. While a club can differ from group to group, the key concept is sharing job leads with fellow club members. Some clubs offer interview tips and style tricks which can help a club member land their dream job with …show more content…
The Queens Library, located in Queens NY, is one of these libraries. In fact, they offer three different sections of classes - beginner, intermediate, and advanced learners. These classes are taught by actual teachers who can help students understand how to use vocabulary and grammar in everyday situations. Not only are libraries promoting fun lifelong learning activities, they are hosting activities which are joining families together through family oriented programs. Family oriented programing can be a variety of things, ranging from a family movie night to programs designed to bring dad’s and daughters closer together through tea parties. Libraries are quickly beginning to embrace the family as a whole, not just one section of it. Previously, library programs were either for infants or adults. Now more than ever libraries are programing for the entire

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...77057 Southwest of Houston community has a wide variety of restaurant, hosing, places to work and of course a multicultural environment. This community is well know for being located in a important business area making more attractive for residents to work in. All the services public services are available in this area like potable water, sewer, trash services, electricity, police station, firefighter station, food bank, public schools, public library and public transportation. This community counts with numerous free clinics, vision and dental centers and other specialties such as dialysis and chemo centers. On the other hand the area doesn’t count with hospitals but there are several available around the area and within five to ten minutes of distance. Community services such as food and stamps programs, women’s care centers and day care centers are available in the area as well and most of them are free for the residents if they meet the income requirements otherwise they charge by the residents income. English programs are available for free for residents who English its their second language. In overall the community has a multicultural population, offers a variety of places to eat and buy groceries primary from local business and count with several local, national and international companies. Although this place doesn’t not provide open areas like parks, bike trails or playground areas for recreational activities for kids and adults, there are several outside the...

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