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Word-of-Mouth Communication in the Service Marketplace

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Word-of-mouth communication in the service marketplace
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W. Glynn Mangold, Professor of Marketing, Department of Management & Marketing, College of Business & Public Administration, Murray State University, Murray, Kentucky, USA Fred Miller, Professor of Marketing, Department of Management & Marketing, College of Business & Public Administration, Murray State University, Murray, Kentucky, USA Gary R. Brockway, Chairman and Professor of Marketing, Department of Management & Marketing, College of Business & Public Administration, Murray State University, Murray, Kentucky, USA

Word-of-mouth communication (WOM) is a dominant force in the marketplace for services. However, the current body of research provides little insight into the nature of WOM in the service marketplace. Reports the results of a content-analytic study that provides insight into WOM’s content and the catalysts by which it is stimulated. The goal was to capture a series of “grounded events” from which broader patterns could be discerned. These grounded events were actual incidents of WOM as described by the recipients of a communication. Three content categories and ten catalyst categories are identified. Implications for managers are addressed.

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Research paper

Communications; Consumer behaviour; Customer satisfaction; Interpersonal communications; Services marketing.






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0887-6045 Research indicates that word-of-mouth communication (WOM) has a significant effect on consumer purchasing behavior. One study conducted by the US Office of Consumer Affairs indicated that, on average, one dissatisfied customer can be expected to tell nine other people about the experiences that resulted in the dissatisfaction. Satisfied...

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