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Word of Mouth Marketing

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Twitter and Brands with Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of mouth marketing is rapidly becoming part of marketing’s plan when it comes to brand building. Twitter was first introduced in April 2006 as a social platform that provided one’s status updates; four years later Twitter’s strategic direction integrated its business users with Twitter for business (Promoted Tweets, Twitter Ads) in April 2010. I was at first skeptical about Twitter because of the limited number of characters per message and I didn’t see the advantages in microblogging at first. These days, when I am on Twitter my game plan is simply I follow topics I want to know about and receive updates on, then check back for messages (or tweets). Speaking for myself, I eventually discovered how to enjoy tweets on events and topics that interested me.

Nevertheless, Twitter presently has over 75 million accounts, so I would tend to agree that there’s a lot of personal marketing one can accomplish with it if it’s done right. This seems to be the case with Twitter’s other market: companies, advertisers, and marketers who seem to be able to make marketing sense with it. Social networks like Twitter have forced marketers to spend more time studying social trends and behaviors to improve or develop their targeting strategies. It’s been shown that television and social media are correlated. Research has concluded that consumers love using social media while they watch TV (see illustration[2]). Twitter is able to accommodate their business customers with a product TV Ad Targeting that allows companies to incorporate tweets and hashtags and literally extend their TV commercial into the consumer’s mobile and online spaces. Companies such as Mercedes Benz , Verizon , American Express...

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