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Work and Learning

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Assignment One
1. ‘Why is consideration of the social and economic context necessary for understanding work and learning in Canada?’ Education, learning, work and training do not occur in a vacuum at a distance from the rest of the world; they are all influenced by variables including the social and economic context through which they occur. For example, in order to work effectively in a diverse community such as in Canada, it is necessary to first understand the variety of cultures and ethnicities that exist. It would be unrealistic to place a group of people with different ethnic backgrounds, perspectives and values in a work team and expect no conflict. This means that considering the surroundings where work and learning take place is all the more important. Work and learning, along with even the most well planned HRM policies are affected by both internal (such as corporate objectives and financial strategies) and external (such as the economic and social context discussed) change. Therefore, forecasting, being flexible and adapting to the changes is necessary. In order to do this, HR managers need to be aware of what is going on within the organization, the industry that they operate within, as well as the wider market in relation to the factors that influence change. For example, government regulations are updated and change regularly and can influence many processes of the HR department including hiring and training. Moreover, work and learning is influenced by the social and economic contexts in which broader policies are developed. What this means is that the more specific HRM perspectives and assumptions would have been influenced by the rise of the neo-conservative ideology during the 1990’s for example. To understand how this vast range of variables impact human resource management approaches to work and learning, it is beneficial to...

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