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The New Work Ethic

BUS 309: Business Ethics

The New Work Ethic
It is becoming harder to find good work ethics in this day and time. A lot of employees view their job as one the worst jobs to be in. In the article that Sheehy wrote, “A new work ethic”, he describes his employees as having a carefree attitude. He writes about how many employees just want to go to their place of work, but actually do no work. Employers have said that it is becoming such a big issue in finding reliable employees with a drive and willingness to actually perform their job duties. Companies are trying to reintegrate that they need greatly devoted and dedicated people that love the job that they are doing and are willing to help with the continuing growth and profit of making the business a success.
Sheehy talks about his employees having a do what you want and get away with what you can kind of attitude (Shaw, 2010). Sometime you could even see them slow down the pace of their tasks or even put it on hold so that someone other than them would have to finish the job at hand. Most of the employees were either upper or middle class college student that just saw the job as a way to make some extra cash. Their customer relations skills were getting rid of the customer as fast as possible and with hardly any effort. This made the integrity, reliability, quality and service of the business very poor. Many researchers fear that college students have no realistic concept of the term “a day’s work for a day’s pay” (National Center, 1998). As a teenager I myself had some of the same attitude towards the work environment. However, unlike Sheehy employees, I never really tried causing any problems with my employer. I tried to have a good attitude towards my job, it’s just sometimes I would lack the energy or efforts and drag through the day. Even the best employees have off days.…...