Work Injury Benefits Act, 2007 - Kenya

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The Work Injury Benefits Act, 2007

THE WORK INJURY BENEFITS ACT, 2007 ARRANGEMENT OF SECTIONS Section PART I ― PRELIMINARY 1―Short title and Commencement. 2―Interpretation. 3―Application. 4―Meaning of employer. 5―Meaning of employee. 6―Meaning of dependant. PART II ― OBLIGATIONS OF EMPLOYERS 7―Employer to be insured. 8―Registration of employer. 9―Employer to keep records. PART III― RIGHT TO COMPENSATION 10―Right to compensation. 11―Accident outside Kenya. 12―Accidents during training for or performance of emergency Services. 13―Special circumstances in which Director may refuse award. 14―Special circumstance in which the Director may order compensation. 15―Employee requiring constant assistance. 16―Substitution of compensation for other legal remedies. 17―Claims against third parties. 18―Threats and compulsion. 19―Compensation not to be alienated. 20―Compensation not to form part of deceased employee’s estate. PART IV― REPORTING OF ACCIDENTS 21―Notice of accident by employee to employer. 22―Notice of injury or accident by employer to Director.


The Work Injury Benefits Act, 2007

23―Inquiry by Director. 24―Particulars in support of claim. 25―Employee to submit to medical examination. 26―Claim for compensation. 27―Lapse of right to benefits. PART V― COMPENSATION 28―Compensation for temporary total or partial disablement. 29―Expiry of compensation for temporary total or partial disablement. 30―Compensation for permanent disablement 31―Amendment of First Schedule. 32―Compensation for permanent disablement of employee in training. 33―Compensation to employee previously in receipt of compensation. 34―Amount of compensation in case of death. 35―Amendment of Third Schedule. 36―Payment of compensation. 37―Manner of calculating earnings. PART VI― OCCUPATIONAL DISEASES 38―Compensation in respect of scheduled and unscheduled diseases. 39―Presumption regarding cause…...