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Office # 424, 7th Floor, Mega Tower, Adjacent McDonalds, Main Boulevard Gulberg II, Lahore Lahore-Pakistan. Ph: +92-42-35715564, Fax: +92-42-35715565 35715565 Email: Web:

We are proud to announce that we have established a registered and authorized firm. It is not wrong to claim it unique in consultancy services organization comprising of professionals and we are offering technical/legal guidance of competent professionals to all stakeholders, who are involved in the business of import, manufacturing , storage, transportation ,supply ,

use and handling of petroleum product, Petro chemicals ,compress/liquefied mineral and industrial gases.

To strategically transform in to dynamic player as a service provider in the field of petroleum industry. To become a nationally acclaimed company for its excellence in the service sector of petroleum, explosives,

petrochemicals ,transport and allied fields. To innovate the ideas for serving our customer while towing for profile of international standards. So deliver technically superb and economically feasible services, products and solutions to our customers, while meeting the technological and engineering

standards. With the fast pace of our journey towards our VISION, we shall adhere to our core values.

Our mission is to service and satisfy our customers by fulfilling their legal/technical/marketing needs with our quality services. We hope and believe that this path will lead to excellence, to innovation, and, gutsy leadership that will allow our clients to realize their aspirations at least and maybe a lot more. Our profitability is achieved solely through the quality of our long-term client relationships.

Organizational Structure:
Haroon Rehman C.E.O. (Ex Chief Inspector of Explosive Pakistan) 32...

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