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Nowadays in the United States, many of young American people love to shop on their daily life. To me the most amazing things to do on the earth is shopping. I think they just make the mall for me. Most people likes shopping because shopping is something that has to be done whether a person enjoys it or not. Also today’s generation has changed to where everyone has to or needs to buy things. Actually, there are three kinds of shopper such as intelligent shopper, window shopper, and impulsive shopper. The first type of shopper is the intelligent shopper. The intelligent shopper is the best type of shopper. The Intelligent shopper usually used to make a plan or a list of things needs before they decided to go for shopping. The reason why the intelligent shopper is the best is my mom is the intelligent shopper and when she decide to go shopping she can go directly to buy what she needs and come back directly; she do not lose too much time in shopping. In fact, she saves her money and her time because she do not buy something that she do not needs. She also do not spend most of her time in the shop. Another type of shopper that saves money is the window shopper. The window shopper usually don’t buy anything. They just go out to the malls during the weekend and walk from store to store looking at items. They may even try an item out to see how it fit or to see if it works but not necessarily buying anything. The window shopper just like to see what the stores have or enjoy themselves in the shop. Just like the intelligent shopper save their money, the window shopper save their money too because they don’t usually buy anything. They just like to walk around in the stores and look an items. In addition to...

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