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Work Place Relation

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All work is emotional work. Discuss.

Emotions are described as reactions to objects or situations, whereas emotions in the workplace, for instance emotional labour, are referred to as organisationally desired emotions during interpersonal transactions that employees express. Emotion at work, as describe by many researchers, can push individuals to behave in unusual ways and for this reason, organizations have tried to curb the level of emotion that is displayed at the workplace. Often, the problem that most management teams have is in finding the right balance between the levels of emotions that can be displayed within their company and how stringent should their rules be to ensure that emotional displays are curbed. The management teams across organizations are often accuse of being insensitive towards the needs of their employees, where they have been so occupied with trying to maintain a certain degree of discipline in which they have failed to recognize the emotional issues that creep into individuals.

According to Hochschild (1983), emotion involves the physical coordination of the body, the mental planning of actions, and the emotional inducement or suppression of feelings. He defines emotional labour as the use of techniques in emotion management, or emotion work, to control the emotions that are expressed as an integral part of a particular process of labour. Emotional labour are undertaken whenever a job requires one to induce or suppress feeling in order to sustain the outward continence that produces the proper state of mind in others.

Emotional labour can be defined as the regulation required of the employees in the display of organisationally desired emotions. They are namely the requirement to express positive emotions, to express and handle negative emotions, to be sensitive to clients’ emotions and the requirement to show sympathy. Thus,...

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