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Work Related Analysis

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Work Related Analysis- Part I
Brenda M. Thomas
BSA 376
May 5, 2012
Robert Quinton, Facilitator

Work Related Analysis- Part I
While choosing one solid approach to a project may seem the best way of eliminating confusion and developing a clear process for completing large and complex projects. The fact is that sometimes project teams and managers may start with one approach and have to transition to another. This object-oriented approach, in using both predictive and adaptive approaches together is just as effective in successfully completing projects.
This presented work-related analysis describes techniques and approaches used for the development of a database system in the underwriting department of a major health care insurance organization. As an underwriting assistant and member of the project team for this company, some of the issues the department faced were how patient health information (PHI) was received, the proper storing of this information, and distribution of patient information. The underwriting department for small business groups was the only department and handled large amount of patient information, which came into the department daily; the largest quantity of information coming from the field offices. The problem was how received information from the company’s satellite offices was handled and if this information was in risk of health information portability and accountability (HIPAA) violations. The amount of paper applications and medical information flooding our department became a problem. The storage area was filling to capacity and was not properly safeguard from unauthorized personnel.
A centralized database of patient information was needed and more flexibility in the retrieval process of that information from other departments underwriting worked closely with, such as actuarial, sales, and enrollment, and claims divisions...

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