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Work Related Project Analysis Part 1

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Work-Related Project Analysis, Part I ANN moss BSA376 March 27, 2013 DAN ZEMAITIS

Work-Related Project Analysis, Part I In this work related project analysis various information will be for gathering information. Some of the areas that will be covered are; methods of searching, interviewing techniques to gather the information, agreement for articulating requirements, and strategies to gather information for computerization. Requirements must be met for end users in an organization when an information system is designed. To attain what the end user want from the information system the creator must obtain complete knowledge of the organization background. It is imperative to know the information gathering techniques with this no information can be overlooked and the purpose and function are visibly understood. The main reason for gathering information is to determine the information requirements of an organization. In most cases, information requirements are not clearly stated by the managers. The person which is performing the analysis is responsible for preparing the exact system requirement specification (SRS), which is without a doubt understood by the end users, SRS is an important document to have before starting a project. Information Gathering Strategies The analyst to collect information should oversee the strategy. This consist of strategies identifying sources, developing a method of gaining information from the source that was identified, and use of an information current model of organization.…...

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