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Work Related Project Analysis

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Work Related Project Analysis Part I

Work-Related Project Analysis Part I

Great Plains Regional Medical Center in North Platte, Nebraska during the time of this case study had 116 beds, offered a full service health system; provided care services for over 25 specialties, a referral center for eight critical care hospitals. Great Plains Regional Medical Center’s emergency department medical records was a paper system. They invested in an emergency department (ED) specific technology. This technology was needed to improve care management and continuity, clinician collaboration, and physician alignment (Anderson, 2011). This essay will overview the business system at the departmental level for Great Plains Regional Medical Center. Additionally, an overview of information gathering technique used and design method used. Finally, the impact of the project in terms of success will be discussed.
Information Gathering Techniques Used Information gathering by analysts can involve watching people who will be using the system or interviewing people who will be using the system. Information can also be gathered by reviewing documents; either from planning, policies, or existing systems (Satzinger, Jackson, & Burd, 2009). Information gathering technique for this study was not specifically revealed. However, there was pertinent information gathered and noted. When patients transferred from the ED department to the inpatient unit, tertiary facility, or sent home, their ED records were not easily accessible. “Staff had to hunt for charts, causing workflow inefficiencies for everyone. For example, a common practice was for referring physicians to request faxed records—a time-consuming and costly process” (Anderson, 2011). Technical information must also be gathered. Functional requirements in this case, were the ED information system (EDIS), needed to…...

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