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I am the Messsenger: Essay Question In the book I am the Messenger by Markus Zusak tha main character is Ed Kennedy who is known to be "chosen". Ed Kennedy is a ninteen year old lonely guy who spends most of his time playing card games with his friends( ritchie, Audrey and Marv) or hanging with his dog. His dog is also knows as the Doorman. In the begginning of the story a man is holding up a bank where Ed and his friends just happened to be at the time. When the un easy gunman finally completes his mission he runs and leaves the bank and attempts to take Marv's old car, who he threatened to get the keys from. In the novel it quotes "the gunamn bursts through the doors of the bank and is on his way to the road". As he's running to the car he ends up dropping the gun and finds no time to go pick it up. He then tries to start up the car which also fails. Ed decides to pick up the gun that the criminal dropped and point it at the gunman and threaten him. He does this until the cops arrive. After this incident Ed becomes well known. There were a few articles about the bank robbery in the newspapers. After this incident Ed starts to recieve unusual mail.. He gets playing cards, always an Ace with either names, addresses, or poems to find his answers on what he needs to do.The first time he recieved a playing card it was the Ace of Diamonds with addresses and times on them. One of the addresses was "45 Edgar Street, midnight". When Ed arrived at Edgar St he finds a shocking situation. He finds a big drunk man who gets home every night very late. When the drunk man gets home he calls his wife to wake her and has sex with her until she's crying out in pain, forcing her. He repeats the same act to his young daughter. A few days later Ed gets a phone call to check his letter box, there he finds a gun with only one bullet. This gun is to be used to kill the old drunk rapist who repeatdely abuses and rapes his wife every night. Ed does as he's told and lures the man into his cab late one night. He brings him somewhere and almost kills him. Ed leaves the man stranded there. The man still has yet to return as the women and child go on and live their lives. Another address that Ed was sent to was 13 Harrison Avenue where he meets a old women, her name is Mila Johnson who has almost completely lost her memory. All she remembers is her loving husband Jimmy who has been gone for a while. When Ed shows up at her house at first she wonders who Ed is, and then finally she speaks "I knew you'd come Jimmy". Ed actually ends up spending a lot of time with her, even though she doesn't know who he really is. One night Ed decides to take a walk out to the graveyard to find Jimmy's gravestone and maybe try to find out how he died. When he gets to the graveyard he successfully finds "Jimmy's grave also known as James Johnson. James had died serving his country. Milla Johnson has been without him for over sixty years. In the book it states "No other man has entered her life... She's been waiting sixty years for Jimmy to come back. And now he was". Ed has now developed a soft spot for sweet old Milla and wants to continue his relationship with her. One more person that Ed is told to help out or take care of is Angie Curusso. Angie Curruso is a single mom of three kids. She has two boys and one girl and she works in tbe chemist part time. She is kind of like your typical teenage mom. Everyday she gets her kids ready for school and walks them there. Three days out of the week she works and the other two she stays at home. Thursday is her pay day and on those days she takes the kids out to enjoy the park and allows them to get onc ice cream. When the kids are done devouring the cream they ask for more but she striclty says no. The next Thursday Ed goes to the park and finds Angie doing her usual routine. Ed decides to buy her and ice cream for a change since she never treats herself. She greatly appreciates it and thanks him over and over again. "Thank you Ed, Thank You". Ed treats Angie to ice cream he feels as if she deserves it, she's always putting everybody before herself all the time. Ed actually makes changes into these peoples lives. For thr Edgar Street family he had to make someone dissapear for the better. He made the wife and child happy, relieved them of their stress. As for Milla Johnson, Ed also brings her happiness, he brings back her Jimmy that she has been waiting for. And as for Angie Curusso he makes her feel special for once, he treats her to something. I think Ed feels like he has use now, he's not useless anymore.

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