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Work Violence

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Case Study 1:-Workplace Violence

Name: Yasser Gharib Hashem

Group: 49K Spring 2015

-Problem Definition:-

Workplace Violence became a National Epidemic in USA.


A. Job Stress

B. Verbal abuse

C. Verbal threats of violence

D. Sexual harassment.

E. Discrimination.

F. Failure to educate managers and supervisors in recognizing early warning signs or symptoms of impending violence and their responsibility to take action.

G. Negligence in the hiring, training, supervision, discipline and retention of employees.

H. Employee Layoff.

I. Mental Illness or Psychological disturbances.

J. Mishandled Terminations.

K. Improper work environment (Poorly distributed tasks, Bureaucratic management, unfairness,…etc)

L. Addiction to Drugs or Alcohols.

M. No Appropriate Mechanism to report Violence and Failure to take immediate action against those who have threatened or committed acts of workplace violence.

N. Inadequate physical security system.

-List of Alternatives:-

Preventing work violence will differ from work place to another. As a manufacture prevention of work violence will be different from a hospital. But here we will try to put three common alternatives.

-Adopting a high strong security Program

- Adopting a high strong violence Program Reporting every single violent event

- Adopting a strong preventive program

-Alternatives Demonstration:-

1-Adopting a high strong security Program

This starts from the selection Process where the applicant’s arrest record must be assessed also to be Drug tests are to be considered

Securing the workplace by all possible means

Continuous training on violence cases.

2- Adopting a high strong violence Program Reporting every single violent event

The first priority in developing a workplace violence prevention policy is to establish a system for documenting violent incidents at the workplace. Such statistics are essential for assessing the nature and magnitude of workplace violence in a given workplace and quantifying risk. These statistics can be used to assess the need for action to reduce or mitigate the risks for workplace violence and Implement a reasonable intervention strategy

3- Adopting a strong preventive program

All departing will work together in this program under the security department supervision. It starts from hiring the new employees where the arrest records and family histories are considered. Documenting of Verbal abuse, Verbal threats, Sexual harassment, Discrimination and threating emails combined with fast action taken on those employees. Fair layoff and termination programs. Improving work environment and relations between employees. Constant tests for Drugs or Alcohols Addiction. Securing the workplace by all possible means. Improving the legal department where all employees are equals. Constant training on employee behaviors and how to accept the difference of the others. Organizing of family trips during weekends or holidays for all employees once or twice a year to build a up a good relations between the employees.


I highly recommend solution No 3 Adopting a strong preventive program

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