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Employers and employment relations -
What affects employers to adopt management strategies?

This paper aims to examine how management strategies will influence employees in improving their performance. There are many factors that influence the managers’ decisions on which management strategy they should approach. A suitable management strategy can help the organization to achieve their goal efficiently. This paper summarizes and concludes articles from three academic journals research. All findings indicate that managers are acting a very important role to decide what strategies to use in different business environment and employee’s features. It also provides some factors and suggestions for managers to consider when they design their management strategies.

Introduction In recent years, employers and employment relations had become a global issue. It refers to any relationship between managers and workers. Many researches are paying attention on how managers design their management strategies to influence employees. The manager acts as a strategic actor that shaping employment relation and the characteristics of productive enterprises (Allan, Brosnan & Walsh 1999). Therefore, managers are acting a very important role in designing which management strategy is suitable in the specific business environment. Generally, the goals of management strategies are to try to minimise the labour cost, maximize the profit and improve the performance of employees. It is vital that the design of management strategy is strategical and efficacy. To explore this issue, this report is based on three academic articles and divided into four parts. The first part focuses on Article 1 about the effect of centralized system in Australia and decentralized system in New Zealand. The second part shows the research of Article 2 on the relationship between personal...

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